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Delozier Supports Spending Plan to Bring an End to Budget Impasse
As the state budget impasse enters its eighth week, Rep. Sheryl Delozier (R-Cumberland) today has signed on to a spending plan that is fiscally responsible and does not require any broad-based tax increases.
“This measure is an attempt to break the budget log jam in Harrisburg,” Delozier said. “Too much time has passed since serious action has taken place on completing the state budget. The people in the 88th District and I are frustrated with this inaction and encourage House leaders to get this budget moving as quickly as possible for the benefit of the people of Pennsylvania.”
The bipartisan proposal, drafted by Rep. Mario Civera (R-Delaware), Republican chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, would spend $27.47 billion during the 2009-10 fiscal year. In comparison, this budget would spend $710 million less than the budget for 2008-09. Additionally, this proposal would use one-time revenue sources including $350 million from the Rainy Day Fund, $400 million from the Health Care Provider Retention Account, $110 million from a tax amnesty program and $208 million from the leasing of state lands in the Marcellus Shale formation. Most importantly, this plan is balanced and does not require a broad-based tax increase.
“The citizens of Pennsylvania have been saying that state government must control spending and hold the line on taxes,” Delozier said. “This proposal does exactly what the people have asked. The governor must get off the tax-and-spend train and listen to those who pay the bills, the taxpayers.”
Since the governor vetoed nearly $13 billion for numerous beneficial programs, Delozier said, this budget would restore funding for basic and special education, college grants for students, community colleges, long-term care, public libraries, Black Fly spraying, newborn screening, cancer screening services, local health departments, veterans assistance, mental health services, county child welfare, child care services, domestic violence services, rape crisis programs and the 14 state-owned universities.
She noted that Civera’s budget would also restore funding to vital programs that were eliminated in prior budget proposals including critical access hospitals, obstetric and neonatal services, regional cancer institutes, trauma centers, burn centers, day care services, public television stations and the Scotland School for Veterans’ Children.
“Pennsylvania is home to millions of vulnerable citizens who rely on government programs,” Delozier said. “When the governor eliminated funding for social services, he basically left these people out in the cold. The state needs to meet its financial obligations especially to those who need it most.”
In addition, the Civera proposal would increase funding for several programs, such as: 
  • $150 million in additional funding for basic education.
  • $19.7 million more for Head Start.
  • $13 million more for public libraries.
  • $12 million in additional funding for veterans homes. 
“I believe Representative Civera’s budget plan is a comprehensive, commonsense solution to restore funding to critical programs and services,” Delozier said. “I encourage the majority party in the House to bring this bill up for debate and bipartisan support so that we can end the partisan bickering.”
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