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Delozier Votes ‘No’ on 2010-11 State Budget

Rep. Sheryl Delozier (R-Lower Allen Township) today issued the following statement after voting against the 2010-11 state budget:


“For the Commonwealth as a whole, I am glad that the budget was passed on time to make sure that the needed public services, that were disrupted last year during the 101-day budget impasse, will not be in fear of interruption.  In addition, I am pleased we were able to reduce the governor’s desire to spend $29 billion.


“My decision to vote ‘no’ on the budget package stemmed from the concern I have that this spending plan relies on $850 million of funding from the federal government that we will most likely not receive.  Over the past few weeks, lawmakers in Washington, D.C. have been unable to advance legislation in Congress that would provide this revenue.  I believe it is irresponsible for the Commonwealth to spend money it does not have.


“Although this budget increases spending by less than 1 percent over last year’s plan, I believe it would have been prudent to further rein in the cost of state government, especially since the state will not have access to federal stimulus funding next year.  Without this additional revenue, the Commonwealth will be faced with at least a $3 billion plus structural deficit next year.


“Many of my colleagues and I in the House Republican Caucus advocated for a level-funded budget.  Representative John Bear of Lancaster County and I put forward several cost-saving ideas, which would have generated revenues without raising taxes.  A good first step is that this budget does include $45 million in savings by implementing two of our suggestions; however, our total package could have generated much more.


“I am concerned with the long-term effects of the inequality of cuts that have occurred over the last few years.  This budget again targets certain areas like libraries; early childhood education; municipal police training; and agriculture, which is our leading industry, while disproportionately increasing other areas.  We all have to feel some pain when we have budget gaps to fill and we need to reduce spending, but it should be done equally, not picking our favorite winners and losers.


Rep. Sheryl Delozier

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