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Delozier Highlighted Cost-Cutting Measures with Senate Commission

Rep. Sheryl Delozier (R-Cumberland) recently testified before the Senate Government Management and Cost Study Commission about her role as executive director of the Improve Management and Cost Control Task Force (IMPACCT) during Gov. Tom Ridge’s administration. 

“I want to thank the members of the task force for providing me an opportunity to highlight the success of IMPACCT during the Ridge/Schweiker Administration,” Delozier said.  “IMPACCT was created by a concurrent resolution in the General Assembly and was comprised of 250 members from the public and private sectors to analyze all areas of government to ensure taxpayer dollars were being used efficiently and effectively.” 

Created in 1995, IMPACCT ultimately developed 450 reform recommendations and presented them to the governor.  Once the task force completed its work, the Privatize Retain Innovate Modify and Eliminate (PRIME) Council was created in 1996 by executive order to implement IMPACCT’s proposals.  PRIME received national attention as one of the subjects of bestselling author Ted Gaebler’s “Positive Outcomes: Raising the Bar on Government Reinvention”. 

“These changes resulted in more than $581 million in savings by streamlining operations and eliminating redundant programs and services,” Delozier said.  “PRIME also helped to boost state employee morale since their input was used for how they could improve state government.” 

Delozier noted that PRIME was the catalyst that brought about legislation that statutorily created the Commonwealth’s Procurement Code.  This law governs the state’s purchasing of supplies and services with public dollars.  Under the law, any state government agency or department is required to obtain bids from several vendors to ensure the best possible price is secured prior to signing a contract. 

“The Procurement Code was necessary to protect taxpayer dollars from being wasted on items that are overpriced and not for the benefit of the people of Pennsylvania,” Delozier said. 

Although the Procurement Code remains law, Gov. Ed Rendell abandoned the cost savings idea and work of PRIME when he took office in 2003. 

“Governor Rendell could have embraced this method of cost conscience, taxpayer centered initiative to ensure state government remains frugal; however, the current administration came in with different priorities and followed a different path,” Delozier said. 

She noted that the mission of the Senate’s Government Management and Cost Study Commission is similar to what IMPACCT did 15 years ago – to study the management of current government operations and to make recommendations of cost-cutting measures. 

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