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Delozier Issues Statement on Proposed State Budget
Rep. Sheryl Delozier (R-Cumberland) today issued the following statement regarding Gov. Ed Rendell’s proposed 2009-10 state budget:
“In the governor’s budget address today, he said that his proposal contained no new taxes on hard-working residents when, in fact, he is proposing to create a new tax on smokeless tobacco and increase taxes on cigarettes. The residents of the 88th cannot afford any new or increased taxes, especially those that are not sustainable in future years.
“Many state workers who reside in my district have been told time and again that they must do more with less and he does not want to hear any whining about it. However, the governor is not willing to control his spending. This year’s budget proposes to increase spending by $700 million.
“Everything we have been hearing during the past few months suggests that Pennsylvania is facing at least a $2.3 billion deficit. Instead of laying everything out on the table and deciding what cuts are best for Pennsylvania, the governor has decided to pump additional money into new spending and ignore priorities critical to our state’s future economic success.    
“The governor’s proposal also relies on more than $3.5 billion in assumed federal funds to balance the 2009-10 state budget. These funds are not guaranteed, and if they don’t arrive, this would leave our state with an even larger budget deficit.
“In addition to federal funds, the governor’s 2009-10 budget depletes almost the entire Rainy Day Fund. It is very unnerving that the governor is planning to balance the 2009-10 state budget with one-time revenues to replace decreasing state funds. In the upcoming years, this type of budgeting will more likely force an enormous increase in taxes. I find that irresponsible and unacceptable.
“I am hopeful that in the next few months, we will be able to put forth more fiscally conservative proposals that will control and reduce spending and avoid a tax increase. In this time of fiscal crisis, we must provide tax breaks, work to create jobs and control spending so that we can recover more quickly.”
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