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School Property Tax Relief Ignored in Expanded Gaming Legislation, Says Delozier

Citing the lack of school property tax relief and the rush to ram through legislation that does not include significant reforms, Rep. Sheryl Delozier (R-Cumberland) today voted against Senate Bill 711, which legalizes the operation of table games at the Commonwealth’s casinos.


“First and foremost, when gambling was advanced by the governor in 2004, he convinced the people of Pennsylvania that the tax revenue generated would be used to reduce school property taxes,” Delozier said, noting that tax relief thus far has been minimal.  “Now, nearly six years later, the governor pushes for expanded gaming and not one cent will be used to fulfill his original promise.  Instead it will be used to finance state government operations.”


Although the bill contains language that would eventually direct the tax revenue to the Property Tax Relief Fund, this would not occur until the Commonwealth’s savings account, the Rainy Day Fund, reaches a balance of $750 million.  Since this fund was completely drained to balance the 2009-10 state budget and with the continued drop in state tax revenues, it will take several years until homeowners realize any additional tax relief from gaming proceeds.


“School property taxes have been a concern of Pennsylvanians for decades,” Delozier said.  “After finally making an attempt to alleviate some of this burden, the governor and House Democrats once again ignore homeowners in order to achieve their own policy goals, regardless of the ramifications.”


Delozier also noted that this bill excludes the reforms necessary to clean up the gambling industry.  Most importantly, this measure does not put the Bureau of Investigative Enforcement (BIE) under a competent law enforcement body such as the Pennsylvania State Police or state attorney general.  This unit has been called into question ever since it was reported that the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board allegedly forced the investigative unit to alter a background report. 


“My colleagues in the Republican Caucus and I have advocated for the BIE to be severed from the Gaming Control Board and to operate as an independent office,” Delozier said.  “The General Assembly has a responsibility to ensure this industry operates in an ethical and legal manner and this fails to do so.”


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