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House Approves Delozier Bill to Encourage On-The-Job Training for Building Code Officials
HARRISBURG – The House of Representatives Tuesday voted to approve legislation, authored by Rep. Sheryl Delozier (R-Cumberland), which would encourage more individuals to pursue a career as a certified inspector or plans examiner in Pennsylvania.

House Bill 1945 would create an optional job training program for certified building code officials. The program would allow an individual to work in the field under the supervision of a certified supervisor while studying and taking the required state certification exams.
Under the current regulations, an employee, whether for a municipality or a third-party agency, cannot work in the field until he or she possesses a number of Uniform Construction Code (UCC) certifications.

“There is no substitute for on-the-job training,” Delozier said. “Learning in the field and watching an experienced professional complete his or her roles and responsibilities is the best way to produce a new wave of highly trained professionals.”

Delozier noted that the intent of her bill is to ensure a sufficient number of trained and certified building code officials in the future. In recent years, the number certified inspectors and plans examiners in Pennsylvania has decreased dramatically.
“We need to make sure individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in these fields are able to get on the job now and learn from those currently in the field before they retire or move on to other professions,” Delozier said.

Under Delozier’s bill, the training program would be optional. An applicant for the program would have to secure the sponsorship of a certified professional in each category in which they are seeking certification, and the certified professional must be verified.

“Trainees will have the ability to learn by example, complete the inspection themselves, have their work checked, and learn from any errors on the spot if they choose to participate in this program,” Delozier said.

House Bill 1945 now moves to the Senate for consideration.

Representative Sheryl Delozier
88th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Abbey Haslam
717.260.6222 /
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