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Fair Funding for Special Education
Legislative Headlines:

Fair Funding for Special Education…
The House voted unanimously this week in support of legislation to address the state’s distribution of special education funding. House Bill 2 would create a 15-member legislative commission to develop a new formula for distributing funding for special education students in Pennsylvania school districts. The commission would be expected to develop a more effective formula that meets certain requirements, including: establishing three cost categories for students receiving special education services, ranging from least intensive to most intensive; obtaining a student count for each school district; assigning a weight to each category of disability; and developing a fair system for distributing increases among school districts. Currently, state funding for special education is distributed based on an estimate that special education students make up 16 percent of the overall student population in each school district. House Bill 2 now goes to the Senate for consideration.

Cracking Down on Child Abuse…
The House sent to the Senate this week two additional measures as part of the continuing effort to strengthen the state’s child protection laws.

House Bill 321 would increase penalties for child pornography offenders based upon such factors as age of the child, the number of images possessed, and the nature and character of the abuse. The bill was modeled after federal sentencing guidelines for similar offenses.
House Bill 89 would provide grants to the state’s Child Advocacy Centers (CACs). A CAC is a facility that provides a comprehensive treatment program for abused children that brings doctors, nurses, prosecutors, social workers and law enforcement to the child in a safe and nurturing environment. Grant money currently comes from funding previously used for the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) program.

Senior Property Tax Relief…
The House Aging and Older Adult Services Committee voted this week in favor of House Bill 658, the Senior Citizen Property Tax Reduction Exchange Program. This legislation would allow school districts to set up programs in which senior citizens volunteer in the school district they reside and receive a property tax credit in exchange for their services. Those services could include tutoring children, monitoring classrooms or the cafeteria, helping in the library or office, assisting with afterschool programs, as well as a variety of similar mentoring activities. This legislation would set up a program in which senior volunteers would receive a property tax credit at a rate of $5 per hour, not exceeding the total amount of property taxes that are owed, in exchange for providing services that enhance the academic program of school districts. School districts would have the authority to set up specific regulations over the criteria for acceptance, and this legislation would not interfere with already existing employees of the school district. This bill now heads to the full House for consideration.

Committee Updates:

Tuesday, March 12

House Labor and Industry Committee:

House Bill 403 (Grove) Unemployment compensation law/fraud penalties.
House Bill 421 (Harris, C) Unemployment compensation law/“triple-dipping.”

House Judiciary Committee:

House Bill 22 (Grell) Title 13/Uniform Commercial Code, Article 4.
House Bill 24 (Grell) Titles 13, 30 & 75/Uniform Commercial Code.
House Bill 90 (Saccone) Title 18/exploitation of children.
House Bill 447 (Pyle) Title 42/drug trafficking in presence of minors.
House Bill 492 (Vereb) Crime Victims Act/deny parole at end of minimum sentence.

House Consumer Affairs Committee:

Public hearing on natural gas distribution service.

Rep. Delozier in the Community:

Congratulations to Lower Allen Fire Company No. 1 on its 80th anniversary! At their Awards and Appreciation Banquet, I presented them with a House of Representatives citation and Sen. Vance presented a Senate citation. Thank you to everyone at the department for your long history of volunteer service to our community.
Domestic Violence Services of Cumberland and Perry Counties (DVSPC) held its annual gala at the Susquehanna Club at the New Cumberland Army Depot to celebrate DVSPC’s years of service. As a board member, I was pleased to be part of the team and to help put together an exciting evening for all who attended. For more information about the assistance provided by DVSPC, please visit
Nate Larkin and Lucy Russell from Cedar Cliff High School spent the day with me at the Capitol serving as guest pages when the House was in session. Before that, they attended committee meetings with me. It is always a great pleasure to have our next generation of leaders take an interest in state government.

State representatives serving Cumberland and Perry counties met with the Cumberland/Perry Drug and Alcohol Youth Advisory Board, which is part of the Cumberland/Perry Drug and Alcohol Commission. The Commission works to ensure quality substance abuse prevention, intervention and treatment services are available to all eligible Cumberland and Perry County residents. The input from the Youth Advisory Board on such issues as bullying, marijuana legalization, tobacco use/prevention, and underage use of alcohol was very insightful. Thank you to each participant for your work in creating a safe environment for the youth in our area.
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