Oct. 30, 2019

HARRISBURG – Rep. Sheryl Delozier (R-Cumberland) issued a statement today in response to Commonwealth Court Judge Ellen Ceisler’s injunction prohibiting the certification of Marsy’s Law votes after Tuesday’s election.

The injunction means that votes will be held until all legal appeals are exhausted in the future.

Delozier, a prime sponsor of the legislation creating Marsy’s Law, said:

“Marsy’s Law was my bill to give victims a voice in the criminal justice system. My heart goes out to victims, as I feel we are now re-victimizing them.

“We were just days away from seeing Pennsylvanians be given the chance to have the rights of victims placed in our state Constitution.

“Over the course of four years, we sat with victims, stakeholders and critics of this legislation. As a prime sponsor last session and this session, I worked with everyone involved who had concerns to find common ground and pass a bill that would give victims equal footing and rights as the accused and convicted criminals in our Commonwealth.

“The bill passed both chambers with bipartisan support and with the governor’s endorsement.

“After all the outreach and compromise, I was disappointed when a lawsuit was filed at the 11th hour, seeking to silence the voice of the people and deny the rights of victims.

“Rather than work with the Legislature to address any issues these critics believe existed within the bill, they chose to attack the rights of victims through the courts with an emergency hearing where only one judge has to be swayed rather than the entire panel.

“I am stunned the Commonwealth Court would move to take this important moment away from the voters of Pennsylvania.

“I am also saddened that the ACLU, despite its name, chooses to recognize only certain people’s civil liberties. They say they are not against victims. However, actions speak louder than words, and their actions block the liberties of crime victims.

“This last-minute lawsuit is an effort to disrupt the electoral process and disenfranchise voters, some of whom have already voted via absentee ballot.

“We have spent four years working to lift the voices of victims, and we will continue to advocate for them in our system and our Constitution.”

Representative Sheryl Delozier
88th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Jennifer Fitch
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