Delzoier Announces Next Step In Helping Ex-Offenders Find Success in Workforce

May. 22, 2019 / Embed

Rep. Sheryl Delozier (R-Cumberland) calls for passage of House Bill 1477, the occupational licensure reform legislation which would require consistency by boards that license or certify Pennsylvanians for occupations.

Rep. Delozier Comments on Crime Victims Legislation

Apr. 17, 2019 / Embed

PA State Rep. Sheryl Delozier discusses impact of legislation passed to help crime victims in Pennsylvania.

Press Conference on Crime Victims Legislation

Apr. 17, 2019 / Embed

Bill sponsors and PA House GOP Leaders hold a press conference highlighting the impact of recently passed legislation to expand the rights and protections of crime victims.

Crime Victims Rally

Apr. 08, 2019 / Embed

A rally to support efforts that better protect victims of crime and abuse.

Clean Slate Press Conference

Jan. 02, 2019 / Embed

PA Rep. Sheryl Delozier (R-Cumberland) speaks at a press conference about her new bipartisan Clean Slate Law.

Clean Slate PA Press Conference

Jun. 18, 2018 / Embed

PA State Rep. Sheryl Delozier led a Capitol press conference advocating for passage of legislation to seal low-level criminal records after 10 years without a subsequent criminal arrest.

Rep. Sheryl Delozier, Press Conference.

Apr. 09, 2018 / Embed

Rep. Sheryl Delozier, a crime victim Press Conference.

Marsy's Law Press Conference.

Jan. 30, 2018 / Embed

Rep. Delozier particpates in a press conference intending to give crime victims many additional rights via Marsy's Law.