Jun. 15, 2022

HARRISBURG - Legislation authored by state Rep. Sheryl M. Delozier (R-Cumberland) that would allow Pennsylvania to come into compliance with future federal regulations on hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) and allow the use of refrigerants by the Uniform Construction Code (UCC) unanimously passed the House Wednesday.

“The change this legislation makes would reduce greenhouse gasses emitted by HFCs,” Delozier said. “In addition, updating the UCC to permit the use of alternate refrigerants would create more jobs through the need to fill the emerging market for newer refrigeration products and technology.”

House Bill 2079 would allow the use of refrigerants in the Commonwealth to be listed as acceptable alternatives to HFCs under the federal Clean Air Act. The Pennsylvania Building Code review and adoption process was just completed for the 2018 ICC model code, using the 2016 technical standards for refrigerants. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has mandated the phase-down of HFCs by 40% in 2024, so systems and products that use older HFCs will have difficulty finding replacement HFC refrigerants if we continue to use 2016 standards.

“Our building codes will not be able to accommodate all newer products that utilize newer refrigerants until the 2024 ICC model codes are adopted,” added Delozier. “This could cause problems with upcoming construction projects and the ability to import products that use new refrigerants that are not yet allowed by our building codes.

“I am proud to sponsor a bill that would have positive impacts on both the environment and the economy. I would like to thank my House colleagues for their bipartisan support, and I hope the Senate will act to get this important legislation to the governor for signature.”

Questions about this bill or any other state-government issue can be directed to Delozier’s office at 717-761-4665.

Representative Sheryl Delozier
88th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Katelin Morrison
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