Jan. 18, 2019

HARRISBURG – Rep. Sheryl Delozier (R-Cumberland) this week announced she has been reappointed to the House Appropriations and Judiciary committee for the 2019-20 legislative session. Her other committee assignments are Consumer Affairs and Rules.

“I look forward to again serving on the Appropriations and Judiciary committees,” Delozier said. “As the author of the Clean Slate Law and co-chair of the House Criminal Justice Reform Caucus, I am committed to making changes to the criminal justice system that gives a strong voice to the rights of the victims and also to working to have released offenders become productive members of our communities. In addition, I look forward to returning to the Consumer Affairs Committee and joining the Rules Committee.”

As many parts of the state budget originate in the House of Representatives, the Appropriations Committee is the primary committee of the House tasked with overseeing state government spending, state fiscal policies and developing a state budget each fiscal year.

The House Consumer Affairs Committee handles legislation involving public utilities, including water, gas, electric and telecommunications. The committee interacts with the Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, Public Utility Commission, Office of Consumer Advocate and the Office of Small Business Advocate and addresses legislative remedies to matters involving landlord and tenant rights, unfair trade practices and various consumer complaints and scams.

The House Judiciary Committee focuses on issues and legislation relating to the Judicial Code, the Crimes Code and the Domestic Relations Code. Some of the topics overseen by the committee include identity theft, firearms laws, domestic violence, child abuse laws, state prisons and criminal law.

The House Rules Committee is the most powerful House committee and is reserved for legislative leaders and senior legislators who work together to oversee the legislative process. The committee makes recommendations to improve and expedite the business and procedures of the House and proposes amendments to the rules of the House, as needed. In addition, the committee adopts guidelines for the expenditure of all funds appropriated to the House or to any member or nonmember officer. It is also charged with reviewing legislation that returns to the House that has been amended by the Senate.

The 88th Legislative District includes Lower Allen and Upper Allen townships and the boroughs of Lemoyne, Mechanicsburg, New Cumberland, Shiremanstown and Wormleysburg.

Representative Sheryl Delozier
88th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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