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State Workers Will Finally Get Paid, Announces Delozier
Rep. Sheryl Delozier (R-Cumberland) today released the following statement after Gov. Ed Rendell signed into law Senate Bill 850, a version of the General Appropriations bill that will serve as a “bridge budget” allowing state workers to be paid:
“There was no reason why the state employees should not have been paid for the jobs they have been performing over the last five weeks. The governor knew weeks ago that this was going to be a long fight and that it was not going to be completed before the June 30 budget deadline. We have had legislative options waiting to be acted on, like the stopgap bill and my legislation, House Bill 1870, which would have paid state employees long before now.
“This ‘bridge budget’ is a step in the right direction for state workers who have been working without paychecks for the past month, but it does not release the pressure to get the budget done.   There are many other local organizations that count on state funding that are still waiting for a final budget to be passed.
“By taking the state employees out of this budget process, we continue to have child care services, community mental retardation programs, hospitals and local governments that are not being funded because of this budget impasse.
“I am very glad with the steps taken today to rectify an unnecessary situation by getting the state employees paid. We need to put the Pennsylvania residents first and fight for a budget that provides necessary funding for state government while not raising taxes on our hard-working citizens.”
Rep. Sheryl Delozier
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